Soo about 3 weeks ago I get an email from Influenster’s. Explaining to me that since I received their Flourish Voxbox, I was eligible to make an appointment at the Origin near me to get a Mini Facial and Crystal Reading. 
If you know me then you know, I immediately made that appointment for the earliest date possible. October 6th couldn’t come soon enough. 
Soo here we are today, facial day. Of course I have the last appointment of the day because of kids and hubby stuff always come first. I’m heading to Origins thinking to myself, I’ve had many facial in the past but never one in a store or by a company that sells the products being used. I wonder if it’s going to be personal, will there be a lot of people around and most importantly am I going to feel comfortable. 
From the moment I got there they made me feel very comfortable, like I’ve been coming there forever. They had refreshments and cupcakes waiting for me. Like what?! I’m going to be eating cupcakes while getting my facial. Yessss!! 
First was the Crystal Reading. I’ve never had one done before but I have always been intrigued and was super excited for it. The girl was very sweet and knowledgeable. Not to go into too much detail but it was as if she told me everything I needed to know, as well as knew everything I was going thru. It was quite interesting.

Then came facial time. Soosie was the sweetest Lady. Asked me about what I wanted/looking for in my facial. What areas of my face I wanted her to concentrate on. Showed me a bunch of products & we choose from there. 
Since I wanted to get rid of sun spots and brighten my completion, she used the Dr. Andrew Weil – Mega Bright Skin Illuminating Cleanser. Then exfoliated with Modern Friction – Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion. I loved how knowledgeable she was with each product and explained to me what each one was for & how to use them. Toner was next up, she used the United State – Balancing Tonic is felt so refreshing on my face. Since we were brighten she choose a sheet mask with orange oil in it, the one she choose for me was the Flower Fusion – Orange Radiance – Boosting. While we waiting the 10 mins. for that to infuse into my skin and do its magic. She massaged my arms, hands and fed me cupcakes. To finish off the facial she explained to me in great detail how to layer the serums and moisturiser properly. First she began with the Mega Bright – Dark Spot Correcting Serum, then came the eyes,  Plantscription Power Serum – Power Eye Cream, allowing each to completely absorb into the skin before applying moisturizer is key. Soo I was fed more cupcakes and fruit water, while we chatted. After they absorbed she then ended with the moisturizer of High-Potency Night-a-Mins and the Skin Refing Oil. 

I left there feeling amazing and totally pampered. Best part was my night time skincare routine was already done. I highly recommend heading to your nearest Origins website and schedule your facial today.


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